Tips to a Select the Best and Successful Fantasy Cricket Team

Fantasy cricket is an online game of cricket where you choose real-life players and create a virtual or fantasy cricket team. You score points based on the real-life performances of those players. The more points you accumulate over the specified period, the better rewards you get. Although it sounds really simple, if you’re new to the game, you might find it a little challenging. Therefore, we have collated some tips and tricks that can help you make your own cricket team and play the game with immediate and long-term success.

The golden rule is not to select players because they have a good reputation or because they are your favourite. Choose young and talented players, along with experienced ones. Ensure that you choose players solely because of their consistent performance, especially in the last couple of matches. There are many websites that can give you detailed information about a player and their previous performances. That kind of information will come in really handy when you have to choose an “Uncapped Player.”

Choosing a wicket keeper, the right number of batsmen, the right number of bowlers, a captain and an uncapped player might be a little tricky. Choose wicket keepers who bat top of the batting order because not only will they definitely fetch some points for batting but also will fetch points for caught-behinds and stumpings. Keep at least 2–3 top-order batsmen because they will spend the maximum amount of time on the field and fetch you good points. Keep at least 2 death bowlers to choose from the last overs of the match. Choose an all-rounder captain who is in good form to earn additional bonus points. As for the uncapped player, you can choose a wicket-keeper batsman or a bowler who bowls in the middle overs.

Be smart when it comes to trading your players. Watch for the deadlines to trade players and always check which teams are playing. Don’t choose a player in your team who may not be playing in the forthcoming real-life matches.

Checking the pitch is also a great move because flat pitches are favourable for batsmen whereas bouncy pitches are favourable for bowlers. Make your team accordingly.

Keep a track of players who are exceptional fielders, are energetic to run to boundaries and take stunning catches. It can help you in fetching a good number of bonus points.

Check on your team players regularly, if possible, every day. This will help you to decide which players to replace – those who are out of form or the ones who might not be able to play the next game due to injuries.

All said and done, follow your gut feeling because it can supersede all the tips mentioned above. There will be times when you might want to select a player despite all the odds. Do not hesitate and play the gamble. Win or lose, just remember that this is just a game, don’t get too worked up and enjoy all the matches thoroughly.

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