Top 10 Luxury Upgrades for your Living Room

A living room is no doubt the most important room after the kitchen in your home. This is the place where life happens that’s why it’s called “living room”.

A living room is a place where you spend quality time with your friends, where your guest gathers, where you watch your favorite TV shows sitting on the couch and where you spend the lazy evenings.

 Just a few days remaining in this year 2018 and many of us are busy doing some renovation in our home to welcome the New Year. Don’t you want to upgrade your living room and make it look more luxurious? If yes then you must make a great effort to do top luxury upgrades in your living room.

I have madea worthy list of top 10 to-do things to upgrade your living room this year;most of these upgrades can easily be purchased online from any popular UK brand.

1.Work on lighting

Lighting is one of the most important things to consider while upgrading a space and it’s true that it is often overlooked. But making your lighting look more luxurious can cost you a lot.

Look for a few innovative ways to revamp your lighting without breaking the bank. The perfect lights add life to the other elements of your living room. I have provided some simple tips to enhance your lighting below:

  • Replace table lamp with an oversized pendant or a large lantern
  • Add a dimmer
  • Include at least 3different varieties of light
  • Light the dark corners
  • Maximize sunlight

2.Paint it

The way youpaint your house can make a huge difference. This is one of the easiest ways to perform a few upgrades in your living room.

You need to spend a lot of money on renovating your living room thus you must call the professionals if you want to make your investment worthy. Choose dark and bold colors which will add more focus to your accessories and decorative assets.Make effort to go with a color which will be capable in simplifying your living room’s architectural details.

3.Replace or rearrange the furniture

If you think your home’s furniture is outdated then you must spend on buying latest designed quality furniture. Furniture is the staple of every living room and it can enhance the beauty of your home.

Give your furniture an incorporate texture to fill your living space with a cool and deluxe. Don’t have a budget to buy new furniture? No worries, you can also enhance the beauty of your living room by rearranging your old furniture.

  • Nail head trip to get the high-end look
  • Contrast piping on furniture
  • Change the texture of the furniture
  • Add new accessories and hardware

4.Art pieces

Inattention-grabbing a large piece of art can provide your living room a luxuries update. If you have a budget then you can buy an elegant art piece for your living room.

There are a lot of things to do with artworks. You can buy a new one, rearrange the existing pieces or can create one by you. It seems ordinary but what is hanging on your living room’s wall matter a lot.

Whether you have a big budget for an art piece or not, there is a myth among the people that an art piece has to be expensive. You can make create your own artwork by yourself by applying a few DIY tips.

 I have mentioned a few inexpensive ways to create excellent artwork:

  • Create geometric or abstract painting by using masking tape
  • Frame a wallpaper sample
  • Create string art
  • Make constellation art using string lights
  • Create a small vertical succulent hanging garden
  • Use your childminding

5.Invest in curtains

Performing great window treatment can help you in adding a luxe factor to your living room. No matter which type of curtain you are going to buy for your home you must follow one basic rule before buying curtains: Never, ever shop curtains that are too short in size.

The reason behind not shopping short curtains is that they look cheap and you must avoid them. Make sure to measure your windows before ordering your curtains online or heading to the stores.

6.Work on textiles

Not only curtains you have to work on the whole textile of your living room to upgrade it. Dress up your furniture with new fabric and great pillows.

Including great pillows and blankets is one of the easiest ways to add texture and color to your living room. Changing the textiles according to the seasons can absolutely create a difference and provide a completely fresh, rejuvenating look.

Doing all these kind of stuff may lead to a heavy investment but it can be done cheaper-with implementing few hacks such as:

  • Buy fabric and give that to tailor instead of buying new ones
  • Fabric scraps can be utilized as pillow covers
  • Throw an oversized pillow, it looks luxurious
  • Search for best living room fabric ideas and renovate accordingly

7. Use latest and smart home appliances

Few pairs of smart home devices can help you in doing your household tasks with no effort and can make the place lavish at the same time.

There are tons of smart home devices available online and your living room could be the best place to flaunt those gizmos.

8. Add more space

Flooding the living room with a lot of household things will not be a great idea but it does not mean to throw those kinds of stuff. You have to create extra space for keeping those things in a more organized way in your living room and trust me this isn’t a rocket science.

Creating extra-space in your living room will also make it a better place to spend time with your loved ones. You may look for a few applicable ways to add more space to your home and few are listed below:

  • Add unique shelves for storing things
  • Use the corners and windows
  • Choose lightweight furniture for a small living room
  • Keep the things more organized

9. Try semi-outdoor living room

Semi-outdoor living room is absolutely a new and unique concept. This type of living room would have enough natural light and will charge you after a long tired day.

Usually, the semi-outdoor living rooms open towards a greenery of your house through the glass walls. There will be no delimitation between the living room and the garden and it will look luxuries 200%.

10. Go transparent

Outdoor or indoor, you can install glass walls to make your living room look more luxurious. Glass dividers can be surprisingly helpful and attractive. This transparency connects multiple spaces visually and no doubt look great.

Bottom Line

Renovation can cost you a lot if you will not invest wisely. It’s not necessary to spend money on expensive products to add more luxe to your house especially the living room. Shop wisely and look for the best DIY tips to do luxury upgrades for your living room and the tips provided here can also help you.

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