Top 10 Psychic Self Defense and Energy Protection Techniques

We pick up on each other’s energies. If you’ve ever heard people say that your cheerfulness is contagious, that’s because we often pick up on other people’s feelings or emotions. Have you ever wondered why having someone with a happy disposition at work also contributes to a fun workplace? That’s because we spread our energy around us. That’s also why you feel drained after you talk to some people. Their negativity drains you. Try these protection techniques to keep that from happening.

White Light

In this type of psychic defense, think about a light bulb. Imagine you are turning on that light. You could also imagine a shower or water. See it turning into light in your head. Or think about an angel hovering over you with light radiantly overflowing from it. This is a visualization technique that you could try to ease and prevent anxiety.

Blue Bubble

Imagine having a bubble or shield of white light around you. It should absorb the negativity around you. This is an important technique if you aren’t comfortable in crowds. You could also imagine a bubble around a negative person. Imagine that the negative energy that they throw out can’t escape the bubble.

Physical Body Positions

Crossing your arm is a protective gesture. It also protects several energy points in your body. If someone starts spewing hate in your direction, just fold your arms, sit down, and listen. Once the person is drained because of all the negativity they spread, that means you won’t have to worry that the negativity might rub off on you.


Imagine mirrors that face outwards. That means you are reflecting away all the negativity from you. That helps protect you from negative energies. Increase the number of mirrors in  your household to see positive results.


Salt has purifying capabilities. It has long been used in many ceremonies to ward off evil spirits. In this case, you can use it to ward off bad thoughts. Thoughts have energies and that could transfer to you or affect you consciously if you aren’t careful. By using salt to absorb the energy, you can cleanse your home, too. That will ensure that you get rid of any negative energies in your home that could be affecting the rest of the household.

Prayer and Affirmations

Words have power, especially if you say them aloud. If you’re dealing with a lot of negativity, you’ll want to use prayer and affirmations to help you protect yourself from negative emotions.

Protection Symbols

Find out which protection symbols can be used in your case. Many of these protection symbols work. Depending on what they’re up against, you’ll likely rely on your knowledge, skill, and knowledge to get the best results.

Reading Sessions

Book a session with a psychic reader. With years of reading palms or the cards, a psychic reader helps you identify and even find out what the possible sources for your energy loss are. Find out more by reaching out to a skilled psychic reader.  

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