Traditional Cakes to Try Around the World

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Cakes during ancient times where nothing but a piece of sweet bread. All of it started in Egypt many centuries back where they used to baked breads with honey to make it taste sweet. Since then, the journey of cakes has come a long way. 

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When it comes to traditional cakes of the world, each country has their own and this is because all of them have their own unique baking recipes and different ingredients to use. Here are some popular cakes around the world that one must try:

Gateau de Rois , France

Gateau de rois is also known as the king of the cakes and this is especially baked for the 12th night celebration that happens during the Christmas holidays of epiphany. Though the recipes can vary at the present day but in most cases, puffed pastries are used to bake this which is a thin sponge cake and it is always filled with fresh fruits and cream. According to the tradition a trinket or a toy is always hidden inside the cake and if one gets the slice with it then they become the king or the queen of the festival. Also it is believed that finding the toy can be a stroke of good luck.

Pastel de Tres Leches, Mexico

This is a sponge cake and it is made after soaking 3 different types of milk. They look dense and they taste really sweet and rich. The 3 types of milk that are used to bake this are evaporated milk, condensed milk and cream or fresh milk. One can also use eggnogs or melted ice cream in place of milk. At present a varieties of recipes are used to make this cake which are less sweet and do have a milder taste.

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Strudel , Germany

It is an old style German cake which is made of high gluten flour and then they are shaped into a ling roll. If one is making it as an dessert item then they can make a layer in the dough and that too with a fruit filling like apples, cherries and some raisins. One can also decorate the top with some icing.  This is more like a Greek phyllo dough and the thinner it is, the better it is. One can also create some layers which are thin so that one can see through it.

Panettone ,Italy

This one is an Italian Christmas cake and it is a classic fruit cake like thing which is baked in a dome shape with some nuts, raisins and candy fruits. One can also add some chocolate flakes to them to bring extra flavor.

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