Types of Washbasin Cabinet Furniture and its uses

washbasin cabinet furniture

A bathroom might feel less important to some people in terms of purpose but, it’s the area where people spend most of their time and feel relaxed. It is that room where you can sit peacefully and there is no one to disturb you at all. The bathroom shouldn’t be left messy with all the toiletries and cosmetics here and there. You can organize your bathroom with cabinets to make it look neat and clean. It should stand out with bold designs and contemporary fittings.

A washbasin cabinet furniture is a combination of washbasin and storage cabinets or shelves that surrounds it. It’s a fixture that holds the sink and even provides storage space for all your bathroom items and supplies. There are also mirrored cabinets that come with mirrors and storage cabinets. The whole fixture should be durable and withstand daily wear and tear. It should be capable of standing soap, water, and cosmetics. So, don’t go for delicate surfaces.

Types of Washbasin Cabinet Furniture 

There are many types of bathroom cabinet styles, but the three main types are wall-mounted, shelf and standing cabinet style.

1. Shelf vanity

The most basic cabinet style is the shelf vanity. It’s easy to install and cheap also. It’s just a sink and a shelf below it. The shelf is placed on the floor. The top surface is basically the sink with storage for soaps and workstations. The bottom shelf is an open space where you can place maybe your towels or other bathroom products. Some people even prefer to keep dustbins in these shelves.

2. Standing cabinet-style vanity 

When revamping the bathroom, the most likely and loved style is standing cabinet. They are the most common used for the bathrooms. Excepts for the pedestal sinks, they support all types of bathroom sinks. It can be mounted on the floor as well as the wall. They range from the narrow type that can hold a small sink to a wide type that can hold a counter and two sinks. In both ways, the cabinet hides the water supply pipe and drain connecting your faucet to the sink.

3. Wall-mounted vanity

The wall-mounted vanity is also known as the floating cabinet. They are attached directly to the wall. It gives a modern, edgy and sleek look to your bathroom which has made it quite popular recently. They are very eye-catching and lightweight. There is a gap between the cabinet and floor so it can be easily cleaned.

The wall-mounted washbasin cabinet furniture can be a cabinet or a shelf or a combination of both. If you want a shelf type, you can attach one counter which gives a lot of space for vanity and the washbasin. You can add several counters beneath. Wall-mounted has the main cabinet with a top, washbasin, and drawers in different styles and sizes. All of these serves as great storage compartments.

You can choose the washbasin cabinet furniture that suits your needs and requirements the best and makes your bathroom look more edgy and stylish.

Conclusion: This Post tells you how a washbasin cabinet furniture can completely transform the look of your bathroom and make it more smart, edgy and stylish. It’s a must-have if you want your bathroom to be neat and well-organized.

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