There has been a growing popularity in the online gaming world with an uncountable number of gaming apps available in the play store. Many of us in the urge of playing cricket fall prey to many exotic games in the name of cricket with endless confusing options to choose from thus making you clueless. With the unlimited option available on the web, it becomes a challenge to keep the views glued to the game without losing interest. 

The fantasy cricket is one such online game that makes the users hooked to the game for a long time. Cricket has always been a favorite sport for most Indian and has been a part and parcel of every individual child. But due to lack of time and crumpling spaces, cricket has become a thing of the past. The fantasy cricket league gives you this great opportunity for all the cricket lovers to relive their childhood. Nothing can be more exciting than getting a chance to choose your preferred team and also have a chance to win some real cash prizes. If you still think is it reel or real to believe this amazing experience here is below a few reasons to play fantasy cricket online.

Reasons to play fantasy cricket online

•    Make your own team- It can’t be more exciting to have your own team and see them winning.  Make use of your sports skills and create your winning team. You can even change the captain and vice-captain and make your team accordingly. You can even find yourself enjoying the performance of your team.

•    Exciting matches- Every match gets exciting and worth watching as you see your chosen players’ performance and earn points for your team based on the real-life performances of the players.

•    Beat your opponents- the fantasy cricket game allows you to show your cricket skills and performance and show your opponent that you are no way a loser and can beat him to show his stance in the online fantasy cricket game.

•    Make you learn the game- In the process of choosing your favorite players and allow you to choose members up to 4 players and a maximum of 7 members from either of the team. So involving yourself in the game, starting from the inception till the end allows you to get a grip and understanding about the entire game. At the same time, it allows you to know the strength and weaknesses of the players as the game progresses.

•    Get winning cash prizes-above all it makes it all the more exciting to play Fantasy cricket is the winning prize. So if the fantasy team get to score the maximum runs by winning the maximum tournament can win a cash prize of up to 1 lakh that gets credited directly to the account. Apart from that, there are chances to win daily prizes as well. Users can play fantasy cricket daily and win cash daily.

So experience this ultimate cricket fantasy game and the thrill of choosing your winning team. It exciting to see how you reach the top of the billboard and achieve glory.

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