Understanding Appliance Extended Warranties and the Benefits of it

Extended Warranty for AC

You are just 1 step away from the Extended Warranty for AC, Refrigerator, Mobile, and all appliances, just go ahead.

An appliance extended warranty protects your appliance in case it malfunctions or breaks down unexpectedly. An extended warranty protection plan supersedes your manufacturer’s warranty, offering you better and wider coverage for an expensive new appliance that you just bought. 

For example, when you expend on an extended warranty for AC, you pay less for repairs than you’d have to pay if the breakdown/malfunction occurred without the warranty. In this article, we explore how an appliance extended warranty stacks up against your home appliance insurance. 

Appliance extended warranty vs home warranty

There are two types of appliance warranty coverages you can explore after the original manufacturer’s warranty expires extended warranties and home warranties.

Extended warranties: 

This represents home appliance insurance for specific appliances like refrigerators or ACs and can only be purchased after the original manufacturer’s warranty expires. The terms and conditions for these types of extended warranties resemble the original manufacturer’s warranty in terms of the coverage provided and the certified experts sent to repair the defaulted appliance. These warranties are purchased from service providers like the dealers from whom you purchased this appliance or any third-party company. 

 Home warranties: 

This is a separate policy that comes as a bundled package for expensive home systems and appliances. For example, a home warranty policy will cover your dishwasher, AC, heating system, or other major items apart from the Extended Warranty for Refrigerator. Unlike extended warranties which are standalone, a home warranty is more comprehensive and covers expensive repairs and replacements as well. 

The pros and cons of appliance warranties 

When compared, extended warranties are much cheaper, but they don’t provide coverage to home systems and apply to individual items only. This means, that homeowners only have to pay for the coverage of an appliance. These warranties are typically offered via a dealer or a manufacturer, meaning the technical help will be intimately familiar with the appliance being serviced. 

As for a home warranty, they do offer benefits of convenience and comprehensive coverage for several appliances altogether in your home. Their only downside is the cost, but that also depends on the coverage you opt for. 

What do extended warranties cover?

Generally. Extended warranties cover the damage and the regular wear and tear of mechanical or electrical components of your home. They do not cover non-mechanical items like doors, windows, and other structural components of your home. An appliance warranty only applies to a specific appliance and comes with separate policies for each item you want to be covered. An extended warranty can cover:

  • Air conditioner
  • Water heaters
  • Electrical and mechanical components 
  • Built-in microwave
  • Dishwasher 

How much does extended warranty cost?

An extended warranty for AC and refrigerator depends on several factors like the type of appliance, the asked coverage, the warranty provider, your location, and so on. In general, an extended warranty costs around $20 for smaller components and $120 for larger appliances. 

How to purchase an appliance extended warranty?

You can purchase an appliance extended warranty from the original appliance manufacturer or the dealer you purchased the appliance from, or go for a third-party provider.  Apart from the other services, you can explore the iPhone 14 extended warranty services as you wish, This article is very helpful for Appliances lovers.

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