Warning Signs That Your Ac Needs Repair Service

You certainly don’t want to get caught this summer without air conditioning in the Arizona heat. Make sure your AC system is working properly. Here are a few common warning signs that your system might need repair. Don’t ignore them to prevent even more costly repairs later.

Listen for unique noises that weren’t there before. This can sound like a squealing, knocking or grinding noise. There could be several causes of this. A professional HVAC service in Gilbert, Arizona, can help you determine the problem, but it could be a failing belt or motor bearings. It could also be loose air ducts or even a small issue such as loose parts.

If you notice reduced airflow in your vents, check around the house to see if any of the vents are producing normal flow. If some are and some are not, then the problem could be a clogged ducts or filters. So, first check the filter. This can be caused by dirt build-up, or random items that have fallen into the ducts. This can be easily fixed. If all vents have reduced airflow, then the problem could be the compressor. The evaporator coils could also be the issue. Both of these can be replaced by an HVAC service in Gilbert.

The AC blower might also be the culprit of reduced airflow. The blower is in the inside AC unit. This is the fan that pushes the air through all the air ducts. The blower motor could be bad or there could be an excessive amount of dust on the blades that need cleaned.

If you notice strange smells coming from your air conditioner, it could signal mold or a burning engine. The air should feel cold and crisp. If there is a warmer, musty smell, call a professional. Mold can grow in the ductwork or even the central unit. When the engine gets too hot, it can begin smell. The wire insulation could also be the issue.

The point of an air conditioning system is to blow cold air throughout the house. So, if the air is blowing but it seems warm or just not nearly as cold as it should be, it’s likely burnt out compressor or low coolant levels. Check your thermostat first just to make sure the temperature is turned to the level you intend. You may even turn it off then back on again. If that’s the issue, then something needs to be done. A compressor is a common cause of this issue in the summer in Gilbert, Ariz.

Leaks can also be a signal that you need to call a pro HVAC repair service. Sometimes this is a condensation leak then the drain pipe gets clogged. The condensation overflow goes into a pan, and if that overflows, you can have a small flood on your hands. After it’s unclogged, you can pour a cup of bleach down the drain pipe once or twice a year to help prevent this from happening.

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