Ways to increase your customer loyalty using Bulk SMS API India

Most of the organizations have used Msgclub’s mass texting to successfully increase customer loyalty. According to recent studies, more than 50% of internet users prefer to receive rewards via text message. These facts clearly indicates that bulk SMS is a more personal and instant way to reach your loyal customers. To convert your customers into permanent loyal customers, effective customer relationship needs to be built. And since texting is more personal than other conventional marketing tools, it’s considered as the best way to build effective bonding with customers. Below are the ways which suggest how can you use Bulk SMS API India to increase customer loyalty:

Send exclusive offers to your customers

Needless to mention that every customer expects to get some material offers. However, there are so many promotional information an individual come across every day on various platforms like facebook, whats app, etc. To mark a distinction in your offer, make your promotional message a different one. For example it can be a coupon code which can only be retrieved via text offers that are exclusive only to those who have subscribed to your SMS service.

Invite the audience to participate in your text games/contest

Excite your audience by inviting them to participate in the game/contest via text message. For instance, you can ask them to answer the quick multiple choice questions about your enterprise and reply via SMS. Those who responded correctly will be eligible for a price from your store. In this way, you can enhance positive engagements with your audience and establish an effective two-way communication with them.

Send personalized messages to the customers

Advanced solutions in mass texting allow you to send personalized messages to a mass of people with same efficiency. Send personalized messages like birthday greetings, anniversary greetings, festival wishes, etc. to your customers and create a special bond with them. In this way, you build good perceptions about your brand which enhances the credibility of your enterprise and build effective customer relationship.

Gather audience information, like mails

Gather the basic information of your customers via text message. As a good businessman, you must have the knowledge of their tastes, preferences and their basic information also. Ask them for basic information via text message and offer them incentives like a gift from your store in exchange. Also know about their birthdays, anniversaries, etc. to send them personalized messages and create a bond with them.

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