What Is SMTP Relay, And Why You Need It To Send Bulk Emails

The SMTP relay server is a service in the informational, technological system that delivers outgoing email services. SMTP is an abbreviation for simple mail transfer protocol. The system helps you and your organization to receive, relay, and send messages between mail senders and receivers. An SMTP relay service plays a significant role as it ensures that important emails do not end up in the spam folder by routing high volumes of email messages using SMTP servers.

How the SMTP Relay functions 

When an individual sends you an email, the application in the computer or the device used in reading the email connects to an SMTP relay, relays the message with the details, and communicates the importance of figuring out the next step in the messaging process. The moment you have composed an email in the app and clicked send, the message is sent to your server’s Mail Submission Agent (MSA).

The MSA then checks the email sent for correctness, for instance, the missing “To” fields, then passes it to the Mail Transfer Agent (MTA), which later checks the Mail Exchange records of the recipient’s domain. This process will direct your email to the right server it should go to by following the right route as it is passed on to another MTA before being accepted by Mail Delivery Agent (MDA).

The MDA aims to receive your email and then convert it to a readable format as it passes SMTP to the recipient’s MUA. Though the process seems complicated, it takes only a few seconds for the email to appear in the recipient’s inbox.

Why do you need an SMTP relay to send bulk emails?

The SMTP relay services have a lot of significance, especially if you are operating an organization where you are supposed to send bulk emails. Bulk email service providers allow you to send many emails seamlessly, protect the sender’s reputation, and help avoid being blacklisted. As a business organization, there is a high chance that you will be dealing with various groups of people or organizations you communicate with through email daily.

Sending bulk messages requires the assistance of the SMTP server to help you with the preparation and to get in touch with the right recipients. In the process of conversing with many recipients, there is a challenge that you, as the sender, are likely to face, and that needs the intervention of SMTP. Most webmail providers have limited the number of emails you can send to various recipients daily, which helps combat spam.

Being a business that deals with different individuals or organizations, there is a higher chance that you would exceed the number of emails to be sent in a day which is likely to cause some of the emails to be delivered to the recipient’s spam. Therefore, an SMTP relay service will help your business to deliver large volumes of emails without being mislabeled as spam.

SMTP relay plays a significant role in communicating through the internet via webmail. The basic protocol facilitates sending and receiving mail by collecting emails from the sender and delivering them to the recipient, another SMTP server. Without the SMTP services, communication between individuals and organizations, especially the one done in bulk, would be ineffective, given that most of the messages would end up in recipients” spam folders. The SMTP relay service works like the post office, which collects mail and delivers it to the rightful recipient.

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