What to look for when buying dog food?

The one fact that no pet owner can deny is every time you visit a pet food store/website, there are always some new brands you want to buy for your dog but then you think about the credibility of the pet food supplier, price of the food, then the most important question. “Is it good for your dog?” The fact you think this much before buying pet food shows how much you care for your furry friend but it shouldn’t stop you from experimenting, right? So we’ve created a comprehended list of the top 9 things you should look for when you go pet food shopping.

Your Vet’s recommendations

The person most intimately connected to your dog (after you of course) and knows more about your buddy’s health condition (no offence) is your pet’s veterinarian. Vets are trained professionals and are much more aware of pet’s physical or behavioural issues and their medical conditions. Always consult a veterinarian who has seen your dog before switching dog food brands

Your Vet’s advice will be all about preventive measures like he/she would tell you “ what to ignore” not “what to go for” but no worries, we are here to take care of that problem.


Always look for food with shorter shelf life because it’s usually the one with fewer preservatives and more nutritional content. In this way, you get two great bonuses for your dog’s health. They will be a little expensive and less convenient but owning a pet isn’t cheap and convenient as well.


Always keep an eye out for food with good fats and high in omega-3, ome\a-6 fatty acids. It’s one of the essential energy sources for dogs.

Breed- and weight-specific food

Every dog is different and their needs too. You have to observe your pet’s specific requirements, it usually comes with time. If you’re a new pet owner then you should definitely consult a Vet.

Age-appropriate food

Like your dog’s breed and weight, age is a big determiner for nutritional needs.  What and how much you feed your dog always depends on their age. Dog food is divided into three categories, puppy, adults and seniors.

Properly sealed packages

It’s the basic & mandatory requirement. No matter what your vendors tell you but never take dog food without proper packaging or with a broken seal. Food could have been tampered with or lost its freshness.

Whole proteins as first ingredients

Always pick the one with whole proteins listed as the first ingredients, such as chicken, fish or mutton. Steer clear of dog foods listing chicken flavour, natural flavour, or soybean meal up at the top.

Whole veggies and fruits

Similar to proteins on ingredient labels, look out for whole vegetables and fruit like sweet potatoes, carrots, spinach, and even blueberries.  It would give your buddy a shiny coat and good eyesight.

Ingredients that don’t include corn and soy

Corn, soy, and other grains are usually unhealthy for dogs, they are one of the leading ingredients which can cause obesity in dogs.

So now be confident when you buy food for your furry friend and always keep in mind these points!

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