Which Washing Machine is More Efficient for Cleaning Clothes?

Washing machines

As per a report in Statista, the penetration rate of washing machines in India is slated to increase from 11% in 2016 to 21.8% in 2026. Such a substantial jump in the sales of this appliance can be attributed to the recent technological innovations introduced by various brands across the market. From AI integrated technology to 3D swirling motions, these devices are nowadays incorporated with state-of-the-art features. 

Technological advancements have, however, increased competition among manufacturers. Most brands, nowadays, are vying to grab the top position in the sales for washing machines in the market. Buyers can, thus, become confused when it comes to choosing the right machine for their household.

This issue mandates buyers to draw a comparison of different devices to make an informed decision. A smart shopper must research factors like a semi or fully automatic washing machine price, size, load capacity, etc., to find a suitable device.

Here are some factors that can help a potential shopper find a washing machine with the most efficient cleaning technology.

Factors to check before buying a washing machine

  1. Semi or fully automatic machine

Individuals looking to purchase a washing machine need to decide on the functionality first. Typically, these devices come in two variants – semi-automatic and fully automatic. The semi-automatic washing machines have two tubs, for washing and drying separately. These machines don’t require constant water pressure since the same can be controlled manually. Though semi-automatic machines consume less water, their size can be a constraint, especially for those with a space crunch.

Comparatively, the fully automatic washers are sleek and convenient in terms of design. They have only one tub for washing and drying. A shopper can opt for automatic washers that consume less electricity and detergents.  Moreover, the features like pre-setting, pre-soaking, internet connectivity and spin programs make it a perfect buy.  However, the fully automatic washing machine price is comparatively higher than the other variant.

  1. Top or front loading

There are two forms of washing machines available in the market in this regard – front loading and top loading. Top loading machines have agitators with poles and fins that project from the bottom of a drum for cloth movement. Moreover, the propellers in the impellers churn the water for better spinning of laundry. Top-loading machines are perfect for aged individuals or the ones with back issues. However, the chances of tangling are higher in these machines.

Front-loading machines are energy and water-efficient.  Most of these models have a built-in heater that helps to remove stains more efficiently. Comparatively, these machines consume more water. They are also quite pricey due to their high-end features. Nonetheless, a shopper can utilise the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network Card to purchase such models without straining their pockets. This card offers a pre-approved limit of up to Rs.2 lakh that users can utilise to make various purchases through no-cost EMIs. 

  1. Spin cycle

Individuals desiring to buy a Godrej washing machine or washer from renowned brands need to check the spin cycle revolutions per minute. A shopper must invest in devices with higher rpm as it would facilitate faster drying of clothes. Ideally, 300-500 rpm is considered apt for delicate clothes while 1,000 rpm is required for thicker items like winter wear, jeans, etc.

  1. Temperature control

Nowadays, washers come with an in-built heater that automatically adjusts the temperature. This is ideal for winters and monsoons. Moreover, hot water removes the dust and germs from clothes better. When checking a fully automatic washing machine price, shoppers can come across brands that offer a unique feature like a steam wash.

Individuals looking to purchase the latest washing models, integrated with such technology, however, may need to shell out substantial funds for the purchase. Shopping from the Bajaj Finserv EMI Store can be a smart way to accumulate savings. One can check various Godrej washing machines available across this store and compare their features to make a suitable purchase. 

Moreover, EMI network cardholders can receive the delivery within 24 hours without additional documentation. 

Thus, individuals who wish to purchase a quality washer must check the semi and fully automatic washing machine price and functions beforehand. They should also distinguish the product’s pros and cons to bring home an efficient device.

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