Why Croatia should be on your wishlist ?

Croatia is undoubtedly one of the exotic destinations in Europe which should be on the wish list of every traveler. Croatia’s landscape is dotted with golden sandy beaches which have seafront villas and its lush green countryside offers exclusive country homes for nature lovers. Croatia has developed as an ideal destination for property investment in recent years as Croatia real estate has been attracting celebrities and businessmen from around the world who want to buy a vacation home in this tiny paradise.    

The rich cultural heritage of Croatia is visible in its historic buildings and cultural sights which are protected by UNESCO. From beaches to snow covered mountains and endless green fields and vineyards, Croatia has been blessed with abundance of natural beauty which has turned it into a preferred holiday destination for travelers who come here to unwind in the lap of nature and inhale a breath of fresh air. If you are looking for Croatian real estate for sale then there is a wide variety of seafront villas and apartments which are up for sale in different parts of Croatia.

Croats are sensitive about their natural environment and Croatian government has taken several measures to curb the construction activity in the region to maintain ecological balance. There is a high demand of real estate in Croatian Islands which have seafront homes, villas, apartments and traditional stone houses in idyllic locations that can be purchased at reasonable prices. International buyers have fueled the demand for real estate in Croatia which offers prime investment opportunities to the discerning investors. The authentic small towns of Croatia, its historic locations and its beautiful beaches attract buyers to invest in real estate here and enjoy its pristine surroundings.

Real estate agencies in Croatia are committed to helping investors in every way possible to buy or sell properties in Croatia which include old and new apartments, seafront villas, houses, commercial properties and plots. If you are looking for a holiday home or want to rent a property in Croatia, there are ample of options available to choose from. Before you decide to buy a property in Croatia, familiarize yourself with latest rules and conditions of purchase. Hire an experienced lawyer and an architect who can offer professional real estate advice so that you can purchase a property of your choice which meets the legal requirements.

From the beginning of February 2009, the Croatian Government has removed all obstacles to EU citizens concerning the purchase of real estate in Croatia and brought a new law which treats the EU citizens the same way as Croatian citizens. This has made easier for the foreign residents to invest in Croatia real estate. The modern villas in Croatia are designed using the best materials combined with high environmental standards. The villas on the coast have spill over pools and idyllic view of the open sea and those located on the hills offer panoramic views of the archipelago and the green landscape. The old stone houses offer old world charm and are situated in peaceful surroundings with access to all modern amenities.

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