Wine Export exhibition Vinitaly, Verona IT

Vinitaly is pleased to conduct a “Wine Export exhibition” highlighting “Wine and food”, “Art and Music” and Gathering and Entertainment” that will run in April, 2018. VinItaly is the largest wine trade event around the globe, having strong community of more than 150,000 visitors from almost 210 countries, 4,000 exhibitors, 2,600 journalists from 46 countries visit annually, and countless of buyers from North America, Europe, Asia, Oceania, Africa and Latin America etc. The event is happening in the midst of tasting Areas, Seminar hall, art and entertainment booth.  The important facet of this occasion is highlights the world of wine, brand owners aiming to go international should consider exhibiting as Vinitaly.

During this event, industry entrepreneur comes together once again for the World’s Leading Trade Fair to showcase Organic Food and beverages, famous experts and specialist buyers from the wine segment will congregate in the WINE World of Experience. In this event, trade visitors will find organic wineries and retailers presenting their products, as well as product tasting sessions, presentations and supporting program. It will also provide them the privilege to talk about current developments in the organic wine segments with the experts and will represent fresh varieties of their own product ranges. It is the exhibition that will add an experience to your life that you will never forget.

Heung Sup Han is an active member of Wine Export Exhibition, have 35 years quite interesting business experience. He started his journey at the young age 24, starting from Germany then to Korea and even enjoyed his work in European Firms established in Korea. He sold German origin, korean made office binder to European companies in Korea. From 1994 to 1998, he established 8f, which is a joint venture firm in Sydney, Australia for building the import and distributor for the selling of the Korean automotive cars. At present, he is working on the export of Wines of Europe to Korea. He has already worked in several countries like Korea, Austria, Australia and Switzerland. He defines himself as well as his business career as a steady worker who is open to new challenges.

This International Wine and Spirit exhibition is about the world wide passion that is “Wine”. If talking about the wine world then one must be sure that the boundaries of this sector are limitless. You will come across many new techniques and information related to this food and beverage sector.

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