Worst Travel Experiences

One of the aspects of travel that I appreciate the most is the excitement of flight rates compared. The unexpected: that little ristorante in a peaceful Italian town that serves the perfect lemon risotto when you arrive, fatigued after cycling up those high Tuscan hills. Or the Lisbon cathedral that conceals the most magnificent cloisters you’ve ever seen.

I would be the first to assert that travel can provide some of the most enriching, stimulating, and wonderful experiences. Occasionally, though, the unexpected is painful rather than pleasant. Occasionally, travel may be annoying, overwhelming, and even terrifying. Occasionally, everything goes horribly wrong. Everyone becomes sick, and the hotel that appeared to be so lovely on the webpage turns out to be the hotel from hell. So, you should always try to travel via flight and always go for low-price flights as it will save you a lot of money.

However, the unexpected and misfortunes sometimes make for the finest stories, so here are some of the worst travel experiences.

  • Being threatened with expelling from Hawaii

When I traveled to Hawaii to interview the model for the newspaper Telegraph, I felt extremely proud of myself. When I arrived at the passport check and was informed that they would not allow me to enter the country without a legitimate work visa, I was less than happy with myself.

I ultimately persuaded them to phone my newspaper’s editor, who somehow managed to smooth over the situation, and I was eventually permitted entry.

  • I was once shocked in Mexico

During the summer of 2014, with low priced flights I went to Mexico, while sleeping at a hostel in Cancun, Mexico, I experienced a genuine NEAR-DEATH encounter.

One night when I went to take a shower, it was dark and I was feeling the wall for the light switch. Suddenly, a brilliant flash occurred, and I felt a searing agony from my finger to my elbow.

After experiencing the initial jolt, I noticed the wall and realized I had just been electrocuted. The switch panel was damaged and loose wires were protruding everywhere!

  • My Arm BLEW UP From a Mosquito Bite

I received ONE bite on my elbow, which at first resembled the other bites, but later transformed from a red, swollen lump into a little white sac. It grew worse. The pain of the brandy paled in comparison to what followed. The swelling eventually got more uncomfortable. I sought medical attention immediately and was able to treat the illness with medication.

  • Arriving at the terrible hotel

We were all fatigued when we arrived at the riad we had reserved in Morocco; we had been up since 4 a.m. to catch our flight from the United Kingdom. The hotel, which appeared so good in the photographs, was in dreadful condition. Clearly, there was a party the night before, since there was trash everywhere. A half-hour would be taken out of your time to compare flight ticket rates and find the right flight to land you somewhere better.

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