Your Ultimate Guide to Extending Appliance Warranties

Extended Warranty for AC

As a shopper, it is only human to expect appliances to last for a lifetime. Consumer Reports state that most consumers expect their appliances to last for more than ten years, and that’s a long duration considering the advancements in homeware technology. 

However, as a consumer, you need to understand that manufacturer’s warranties come limited in duration and coverage, and most would only last for two years. And with complex machinery, evolving technologies, and heavy dependence, it is only normal to start experiencing issues with your appliances before the 10-year mark.

And this is precisely why an extended warranty for AC or TV is so popular. Nowadays, you can extend the warranty of almost all home appliances like refrigerators, washers, dryers, and even small household devices like coffee makers and toaster ovens. 

What does an appliance warranty mean and cover?

Appliance warranties are usually purchased when the standard manufacturer warranty expires. The coverage of an extended warranty depends on the terms and conditions of the contract. The following are different types of extended warranties for appliances. 

#1: An appliance manufacturer warranty that comes free when you purchase a new product

This warranty depends on the product type and the company, which means if something goes wrong during that duration and it is a manufacturing fault, the company will repair or replace it at their expense. 

#2: An appliance extended warranty

This protection plan is an option that offers additional coverage. It can extend the length of your manufacturer warranty to cover further accidental incidents like breakage or accidents during the extended warranty period. You can purchase it when you buy the product or extend the warranty post-purchase. 

#3: A combined home warranty

A home warranty allows homeowners to enjoy extended warranties on multiple home products and systems. This can include one or more products that come along with your new home.

How long does an extended warranty last?

A manufacturer’s warranty can last from one month to ten years; however, the duration depends on the product type, manufacturer, and contract terms. For example, brands like LG offer a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty on their refrigerators, but then they offer ten years warranty on specific parts like the compressor within the refrigerator. 

An extended warranty for a TV lasts for the duration you pick when purchasing the warranty. The longer the warranty, the greater the value. Some companies might offer an extension on your warranty, while others give you options on its duration. 

How to check if your appliance is under warranty?

Since there are so many warranty lengths and coverage, you must check the details of your warranty agreement to know the specifics of this warranty. 

  • Check the model number of your appliance. It must be on a sticker that includes product details, installation date, or warranty information. 
  • Look for the product documentation, including receipt and manual, as it will most likely give information on the manufacturer warranty. 
  • Go to the manufacturer’s websites and see if you can find details about your appliance warranty. 
  • Check with the store from where you bought your appliance. They can help you with the manufacturer and extended warranty for AC

Get the best-extended warranty for your appliances 

If you want to extend your appliance’s warranty, do your research first and explore all the options you have. Finding the proper extended warranty for TV will save your product in the long run and cover all the expensive repairs as well. 

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